Fine Art Consulting Services

We advise clients on the purchase of art which may include the liquidation of previous collections.



Eileen helps buyers find quality pieces that fit their budget and desired aesthetic. She works with both private and corporate clients to help curate collections, consult for tasteful display options, and provide advice on what type of artwork would best suit their space and round out their collection.

Ms. Coccia relies on over 30 years of being a fine art professional, art dealer, gallerist and fine art appraiser to assist with anything from selecting the right pieces to developing an overall collection. She has a wealth of knowledge about artists, styles and the current art market.

As a Fine Art Consultant, Ms. Coccia will work with clients, designers and contractors to help find the perfect piece in terms of shaping collections with your goals in mind.

Eileen Ruggeri Coccia offers comprehensive advice and services to develop and enhance collections.


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