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Michael E. Bartlett

American, Born 1947
Big Splash

Artist Profile

Jeb Brady

American, 1948-2011


Sonoma-based oil painter and art teacher, Michael Bartlett’s work is described as communicating something deep and profound directly to the spirit of the viewer. “I am fascinated by the energy of color – the interaction of our soul with the energy of light.”

Bartlett’s artistic journey began in Great Falls, Montana, where he started creating his own paintings at the age of thirteen.

Bartlett studied at Montana State University in Bozeman, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, with a focus on the art and craft of ­ne metalsmithing focusing on jewelry and body adornment. He continued to study art at the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned his MFA and developed a profound respect for the craft of painting.

Eventually Michael landed in Sonoma with a position at Stone Edge Farm. Eventually Bartlett left Stone Edge to take up painting once again.

Bartlett spent years traveling with a Tibetan lama as his assistant and student. “Traveling the Buddhist path changes the way you see reality. I would like what I put into my paintings to have some benefit for the viewer.”

Bartlett is known for his Sonoma County landscape.


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